About Us

Once a gymnast, always a gymnast... 

The founder of GymnastStrength, Lisa, began gymnastics at the age of 3 and can still be caught hand-standing and backflipping around years later.   Lisa believes that her involvement in gymnastics for 20 years of her young life taught her so much more than just a sport.  Gymnasts are the embodiment of strength both physically and mentally.  They are little powerhouses whose bodies can do seemingly inhuman things and whose minds allow their bodies to do such feats by overcoming fears with self confidence.  

Lisa's passion and dedication to the sport of gymnastics made her the strong woman she is today.  She uses her strength as a fitness competitor & powerlifter. During her travels, she noticed a lack of gymnastics apparel despite the growing popularity of the sport.   Her goal with GymnastStrength is to provide affordable gymnastics apparel to all the amazing gymnasts and fans around the world.